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Epworth And Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit

We did it yesterday - 77 miles. It was a gorgeous  winter's day but the easterly wind strengthened during the day. The scenery was spectacular.We were well wrapped up and by the time we reached Scotter (

25 mins in) my hands were warmish. We left AW at just before 8:00 and arrived back at just before 5:00pm. Between West Butterwick and Epworth

(12 + miles), we were accompanied by  Alexander, the teenage son of our Superintendent Minister. He kept a careful eye on us to ensure that we didn't take any short-cuts. It was lovely having him with us. He certainly earned his sausage sandwich for lunch.

It was trouble free save for me on 3 occasions not remembering to say "Cleats!" so the consequence was rather embarrassing as tumbled to the floor with my bike attached to my feet. The funniest one was when I was two thirds up West Halton hill. I suddenly heard three enormous yells / groans from my buddy who was 20 metres back. I thought the worst: heart attack! So I stopped peddling...forgot to say the important word....and just keeled over onto the soft verge. Gareth came by and shouted at me to stop messing about and get peddling! He didn't stop, neither did the car that passed as I was in mid-fall! When I caught him at the top of the hill, I told him of my concern and his reply was, "I was yelling at myself to keep going. You'd told me that we weren't walking!!!"

Amazingly I haven't had any ill effects to date.So the training worked.

Gareth has a sore bum this morning! My padding precautions worked. Gareth hadn't ridden seriously since before university when he was a 9 stone serious bike-rider in Wales!

It was made easier by the frequency of stops to take photos outside the22 chapels. We were grateful to a number of chapels that opened their doors to offer hospitality, encouragement or just the loo! We had three hot drink stops - the morning one at West Butterwick included freshly brewed coffee and toast! The most challenging bit was riding from Crowle along the A18 into the wind with cars zipping by.

THANK YOU for your kindness and support. Those of you who have sponsored us: a special heart-felt thanks. The money will definitely make a difference to the villagers in our adopted village. So far we have received over £700 in cash so I will be calling on those kind people who pledged support in the coming days.  It is wonderful!

If by chance you don't know what I'm talking about, Gareth and I cycled around the Epworth and Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit to raise funds for an Action For All Mission Project in Zimbabwe and the Ashby Wesley Boiler Fund.

  Blessings, love and thanks  Robert Sheard  Ashby Wesley

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